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At the CING we welcome a diverse and international student community.

At the CING we welcome a diverse and international student community. Since the establishment of our School, we have successfully attracted interest and registered students from all over the world. 

Take a look at our diverse reach across the globe! 

International  Student Testimonials

Countries from which the CING's Postgraduate School has received applications
Countries from which the CING's Postgradudate School has / has had registered students (nationality)
Countries from which CING's students obtained their previous degrees
Countries to which CING students were moved on to after graduation, either for employment or for further studies


Who to contact at the CING if you are an International Applicant, International Student, Mobility Participant

The CING International & Student Affairs Office is the first and main point of contact for international students and participants of mobility programmes. The Office is responsible for ensuring a seamless application procedure and smooth induction and study period for students, while also following-up post-study with international students and mobility participants in order to ensure full recognition of their time spent at the CING through the Learning Agreement and Transcript of Records.


The Office is committed to:

•Providing advice, support and guidance to mobility participants, international applicants and international students of the CING regarding the application procedure, mobility programs, visa and entry information, accommodation and living in Cyprus
• Arranging contact with Academic Mentors
• Arranging assistance with counseling, psychological support and special needs
• Arranging induction activities and appointing a host institute “Buddy” for incoming mobility participants and international students
• Arranging language support. Click here for CING's Language Policy for incoming outgoing participants of mobility programs
• Ensuring full recognition of international students’/mobility participants’ time spent at the CING through the Learning Agreement and Transcript of Records. For details of the procedures for recognition of study, click on the following link:  Recognition of Study




Full details of the support available to incoming and outgoing participants of student and staff mobility programmes can be found at the following links:

  1. CING Policy for mentoring/support arrangements and integration of incoming mobile participants and mentoring/support arrangements for outgoing students and staff on mobility programmes

  2. CING Postgraduate Education Prospectus

  3.  Essential information for non EU students


For more information on student life and the student experience at the CING, visit our Student Services page


CING International & Student Affairs Office
+357 22392840 Email: [email protected]


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