Biostatistics Unit

The newly established Biostatistics Unit has the following main aims:
- To promote the use of statistics in biomedical and health sciences
- To develop and apply cutting-edge statistical methods in order to understand complex biological and health problems 
- To provide statistical support and consultancy throughout all phases of a project including study design, sample size and statistical power calculations and application of the appropriate statistical analysis techniques.
Our research lies in the fields of statistical genetics, epidemiology and genetic epidemiology of diseases with a focus on analysis of common and rare genetic variants identified through Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS) and next generation sequencing data. We are also interested in classification of Variants of Uncertain clinical Significance (VUS) in high risk genes and fine mapping of loci identified through genome wide scans. Other fields of interest include biomarker discovery, survival analysis, Bayesian statistics and forensic statistics.
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