Biobank Unit


The Cancer Genetics, Therapeutics & Ultrastructural Pathology Department directs the Institute’s Biobank core facility by providing service into various ongoing research and clinical projects in the context of collecting, processing, storing and archiving of biological samples from patients with various diseases. The Biobank facility meets all national and European standards and a major task, in the forthcoming years, is to expand its activities and overall capacity.

Currently, the Biobank facility is a full member of the European Biobanking Biomolecular Resources Research Infrastructure aiming to:

i) develop, streamline and harmonize biobanking activities in Cyprus in line with BBMRI-ERIC;
ii) serve as a strong link with BBMRI-ERIC and strengthen and consolidate CING biobanking activities with other Cypriot national stakeholders;
iii) facilitate the execution and operation of population programs and promote optimal clinical biobanking activities;
iv) integrate the biobank activities at CING and other National Collaborating Stakeholders into the BBMRI-ERIC framework;
v) provide ethical and legal services to the national biobank stakeholders;
vi) promote public awareness of the importance of biobanking in biomedical research, towards personalized medicine and better understanding of etiology; and vii) provide a voice to patients and advocacy associations.