Vision-Mission-Our Values

CING operates based on its Mission, Vision and Values

The Mission of CING is “To pursue excellence in clinical and laboratory services, research and education for the benefit of patients and society”. 

The Vision of CING is “Shaping the future of science, making an impact on peoples’ lives”. 

Our ultimate scope is to improve and upgrade the quality of life of all Cypriot citizens, irrespective of religion or national origin, and strengthen CING’s international role in the areas of its specialty. 


Our Values

Our five core Values guide every decision we make as an institution and as individuals. They are the foundation for our business strategy and are reflected in every aspect of our work life. There are summarized by the term “AKEKO”.

A ριστεία (Excellence)
Κ οινωνική Προσφορά (Social Contribution)
Ε παγγελματισμός (Professionalism) 
Κ αινοτομία (Innovation)
Ο μαδικότητα (Teamwork)

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