Language Support & Special Needs

Make the most of your ERASMUS experience with language support!

Participants of the ERASMUS+ mobility scheme are required to carry out an online language  assessment before and at the end of the mobility period as a compulsory part of their mobility.

The Online Linguistic Support (OLS) supports language learning for Erasmus+ mobility participants. The OLS offers participants in Erasmus+ long-term mobility activities (Key Action 1) the opportunity to assess their skills in the foreign language(s) they will use to study, work or volunteer abroad. In addition, selected participants may follow an online language course to improve their competence. 


The OLS is available for the following languages:

  • German
  • English
  • Spanish 
  • French 
  • Italian 
  • Dutch



Students and staff with special needs

The CING is committed to offering the Erasmus+ experience to each and every student and member of staff and to offering any assistance/arrangements needed regarding special needs. To ensure that students or staff with special needs can take full advantage of the European mobility arrangements, Erasmus+ pays particular attention to guidance, reception, physical accessibility, pedagogical and technical support services, and, especially, financing of the extra costs. 

All relevant information can be found via the European Commission’s website:  

Staff and students are encouraged to discuss requirements regarding their special needs, with the International and Student Affairs Office who will liaise with the relevant bodies for all necessary mobility arrangements. We are committed to making the Erasmus+ experience accessible to all staff and students!

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