Student Services & Scholarships

The Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine announces each application period online, this is usually January - April each year.

Living at CSMM
Student life is an integral part of education, offering students unique prospects for personal growth, as well as development of leadership and communication skills.

Cyprus offers many opportunities for leisure activities and the personnel at CSMM helps students in enjoying an active and joyful social life. The good weather in Cyprus during the whole year, gives the ability to the students for trips around Cyprus and other activities in towns and the countryside.

The personnel at CSMM is committed to enrich the School experience and promote a full and active student life. They provide the necessary support and resources to ensure that all our students will enjoy to the maximum their time while studying at CSMM.

The students of the Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine can choose from a great range of private apartments and houses in walking distance from the School. Also, in walking distance from the School, students can find a mall, various shops, coffee shops, restaurants, clubs, banks etc.

The Education Office may assist students in finding their accommodation for the duration of their studies.

Student activities
The Education Office organises various types of student events and activities such as Awards Ceremonies, Blood Donations, Charity Events, Christmas Gala Dinners and Graduation Dinners.

Student Experience
Read all about life at the CSMM from the student perspective, in the words of our Students. 

Student Experience

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