Neurological Centres


The Center supports extensive research activities including clinical trials, translational research and basic research.
  • Participation in Clinical Trials – the APOLLO, HELIOS and neuroTTRansform trials for patients with Familial Amyloid Polyneuropathy since January 2015
  • Clinical-epidemiological studies focusing on rare neuromuscular disorders including clinical phenotype, phenotype/genotype correlations, familial clustering and epidemiology of ALS, Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease, myasthenia, etc.
  • Biomarker discovery studies including studies in myotonic dystrophy and inherited neuropathies
  • Genetic studies (NGS, family studies, etc)
  • Gene expression studies in cell cultures and experimental models in order to clarify the cellular and molecular effects of disease causing mutations
  • Basic Research: Experimental models of inherited neuropathy, CMT disease mechanisms, testing of innovative therapies, gene therapy targeting peripheral nerves and the central nervous system
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