Neuroscience Department

The mission of the Neuroscience Department is to perform original internationally competitive high impact research and to offer high quality education in clinical and basic neurological science.
Established in 2007, the Neuroscience Department focuses on the investigation of neurological disorders in order to elucidate the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlining disease pathogenesis and progression using novel experimental models. The ultimate goal is to develop effective therapies for patients. In the last several years, pioneering research in the lab has led to the development of cell-targeted gene therapies using both lentiviral and AAV vectors to treat demyelinating neurological diseases of the PNS and CNS. 
Specialized clinical services by the Neurologists are provided at the CING’s Centers of Excellence including the Center for Neuromuscular Disorders and Multiple Sclerosis and Related Disorders, as well as in the Electromyography and Neuropathology Labs.
The objectives of the department are:
  • To develop internationally competitive basic and translational research projects focusing on disease models and new therapies for neurological disorders. 
  • To provide undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate education to neuroscience, biology and human genetics students, in the fields of clinical neurology, electrophysiology, as well as in basic and translational neuroscience. 
Clinical Services
Neurological Centres