Neurobiology Department

Appointments and Patient Preparation

Appointments and Referral Letters

Appointments are made with a referral from a doctor with the specialty of neurologist or neurosurgeon from the public sector (in order to receive free medical care) or from any other government or private physicians (to receive medical care on a paying basis).

To make an appointment send the referral to the department of neurophysiology or fax it to 22-392786 or call  22-358600

Patient Preparation

Kindly read and follow the directions written on the Patient Preparation sheet (English, Greek) before coming to your appointment.  For examinations that will take place in the ward please read the following Patient Preparation sheets (English, Greek).


Please arrive on time for your appointment.

If you are unfamiliar with the location of CING, please view this map.

To contact us by email for any queries:  [email protected]

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