Neurophysiology Department


The Neurophysiology Department provides tertiary medical care to patients with neurological disorders and other neurogenetic and genetic illnesses (epilepsy, sleep disorders, movement disorders, Alzheimer's disease, and other neurodegenerative disorders as well as behavioral problems that result from brain disease) that require specialized diagnosis and treatment.

The medical care includes follow up appointments and, when necessary, admission to the neurological ward. The inpatient ward includes 12 beds and has 24‐hour nursing and physician coverage. Furthermore, the Department provides specialized laboratory diagnostic services in neurophysiology, including 24‐hour Video‐EEG recordings for the evaluation and diagnosis of paroxysmal disorders such as epilepsy (see below). Physiotherapy services are also provided to patients with disabling disorders. The social services (on site and at home) also provide advice and support to patients and their families. The Department also uses the services of orthopedic, respiratory, cardiology, gastroenterology and endocrinology clinics for a more comprehensive care of patients. A psychologist, speech pathologist, and a dietician are available on a weekly basis. These services are offered to all clinics of the Clinical Sciences Section.

Moreover, the Neurophysiology Department is also involved in research for various neurological disorders, including epilepsy, epileptic encephalopathies, migraine, sleep disorders, Alzheimer disease and other types of dementia, Parkinson’s disease and Creutzfeldt‐Jakob disease.