Funding Cycle 2014-2021



The CING proudly announces the establishment of a new infrastructure for the diagnosis and therapy of patients by new routine and advanced diagnostic and research procedures in Cyprus, based on cutting-edge gene editing, flow cytometry and bioimaging equipment. The infrastructure with overall funding of €661,111 will contribute to local development, to training in forward-looking research technology and to increased access to advanced diagnosis and treatments.

The infrastructure and associated research will allow

  1. establishment of protocols and methods for cell sorting, virus-free genome editing and advanced bioimaging in general,
  2. sensitive diagnosis of blood disorders and development of advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs),
  3. early disease diagnosis and detection of treatment responses for diseases common in Cyprus,
  4. sensitive measurement of viral infections and of virus-based therapeutic reagents and
  5. understanding of disease mechanisms and disease-causing mutations affecting the Cypriot population.

The new infrastructure complements the existing Translational Infrastructure which was substantially funded through Norway Grants 2009-2014, with activities that would once more not have been possible without generous contribution through the Norway Grants funding mechanism. 

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