Health and Safety

Concerning Health and Safety at work, the tasks of the Office include: development, implementation and support of programs and procedures related to occupational Health and Safety; in accordance with EU and National legislation and in concordance with the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics Health and Safety Committee. The Office maintains and establishes, where needed, good health, safety and environmental practices throughout all CING activities. The CING Health and Safety Policy and the CING Quality Policy Statements demonstrate the commitment of CING management towards the improvement of Health, Safety and Quality at work.

Health, Safety and Quality Office, conducts Health and Safety related training programs for CING staff, students and collaborators. In case of new employees, the Office ensures their familiarisation with the CING safety plan and keeps familiarisation procedures and protocols in employee files.

The Office liaises as necessary with other organizations and authorities and provides assistance and cooperation concerning audits and remedial actions. It advices management concerning standards set forth in laws and regulations relating to Health and Safety and Quality. The Office performs inspections, health, safety and quality related.

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