Neuromuscular Disorders Center (NDC)

Neuropathology Laboratory

In the neuropathology lab a wide range of histological and immunocytological techniques are available employing a wide spectrum of antibodies against muscle membrane proteins and other cell markers. Morphometric methods are used for the quantitative analysis of both muscle and nerve biopsies. One third of the muscle biopsies are from Jordan, Syria and Greece. The neuropathology lab has facilities for examination of whole brains, which is particularly important in the diagnosis of dementia





Services provided:

Clinical evaluation of patients referred from Government neurologists with an emphasis on neuromuscular disease (ALS, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, other myopathies and neuropathies), multiple sclerosis, neurodegenerative and neurogenetic disorders. Since 2002, the Familial Amyloidosis neuropathy clinic is run once a month.
Inpatient evaluation and treatment of patients as required.
In charge of the only neuropathology lab which handles muscle and nerve biopsies

Muscle Biopsy:

Routine: H&E, Gomori, ATPase 9.4,4.6,4.3, SDH, NADH‐TR, Cytochrome C, α‐glycerophosphate, Oil Red O, PAS
Metabolic: Myophosphorylase, Phosphofructokinase, Adenylate deaminase 
Inflammatory: MHC I, C5b9,  Acid Phosphatase
Dystrophinopathy screen: Dys 3,1,2 Utrophin, spectrin
Dystrophy screen: α,β,γ,δ sarcoglycan, dysferlin, caveolin, merosin, α‐dystroglycan, β‐dystroglycan, collagen VI, spectrin
Paraffin: H&E Inflammatory, B & T cell, macrophage markers
Developmental: Desmin, Vimentin, Myosin, Utrophin

Nerve Biopsy:

Paraffin: H&E, Congo Red
Immunocytochemistry (frozen)
Paraffin: H& E, B & T and macrophage markers

Brain Examination:

Whole brain examination


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