Neurology Clinic D


Neurology Clinic D’s main research interests include:

  • Participation in Clinical Trials – the APOLLO trial
    Clinical Trial for patients with Familial Amyloid Polyneuropathy since January 2015
  • Rare neurological diseases
    The Clinic investigates clinical phenotype, phenotype/genotype correlations, familial clustering and epidemiology. 
    Huntington’s Disease and ALS receive particular research attention and clinic members recently became Regular Members of the European Huntington’s Disease Network 
  • Chronic neuroepidemiology
    Neurology Clinic D designs and carries out studies to investigate the distribution and determinants (genetic, molecular and/or environmental) of more common complex diseases such as Parkinson’s disease. The clinic recently completed the first and to date largest Parkinson’s Disease case-control study.  


In addition, the clinic carries out projects with the aim to establish normal values for the Cypriot population for diagnostic measures. For example, ultrasound investigation of the median nerve was used to establish the normal values to be used in carpal tunnel syndrome assessments


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