Postgraduate Programs

Tuition Fees and Payment Periods

Education is an investment in your future and the CING is committed to offering an accessible education to all successful applicants.

Students will be informed by the Education Office about the exact payment deadlines each semester.

A break-down of payments follows:




MSc Molecular Medicine

MSc Medical Genetics

MSc Neuroscience

MSc Biomedical Research

PhD Tuition Fees





See Note 3 below


Application fee


per application

Registration fee


per registration

Late Registration fee


per late registration

Technology Fee (internet & email use)


per registration

Late Payment Fee


per late payment

Transcript fee


per additional copy

Graduation fees

50 per graduation

Preparatory Course


per course



(1) Health Insurance coverage is recommended for all students.
(2) International students are required to have health insurance for themselves as well as for their spouse and children.
(3) The total cost for the PhD Programs (Euros 20,750) is divided over the duration of studies.  The cost for the Year 1 of studies amounts to Euros 5,450.


Payment Periods:

Initial Deposit (€920 Non-refundable)

Upon acceptance of the offered admission

Autumn Semester October
Spring Semester February
Summer Period June
Final Semester September


Scholarships & Grants

Publicly-Funded Grants

CING students are entitled to apply for a publicly-funded grant based on the Government’s assessment criteria.
CING Scholarships

A number of full and partial scholarships to cover tuition fees are awarded to MSc and PhD students based on academic criteria.

Tuition fee scholarships are often provided to international students. Enquire with the Education Office

In addition to the above, various types of scholarships are available specifically for PhD students, for years 2, 3 and 4 which may cover costs of consumables and/or a monthly allowance and/or tuition fees.

The exact amount and number of scholarships offered is always subject to the yearly budget of the CING’s Postgraduate School.

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