Scientific Council

The Scientific Council consists of 15 members.

The Scientific Council consists of the Chief Executive Officer and Medical Director who is the Chairman of the Scientific Council, the Financial and Administrative Director and the Heads of Departments and Clinics of the Institute. The Scientific Council is in charge of the academic and scientific work of the Institute both in the field of medical and laboratory services and in the area of research and post-graduate training.

Leonidas Phylactou, BSc, PhD (Chairman)
Panagiotidis Michail , BSc, MSc, PhD (Secretary)
Cariolou Marios, BSc, PhD 
Christodoulou G. Christina, BSc, MSc, DEA, Dipl. Virol., PhD 
Christodoulou Kyproula, BSc, MSc, PhD 
Flouros Marios, BSc, MHA, FCA 
Kleanthous Marina, BSc, PhD 
Kleopa A. Kleopas, MD 
Koupparis Andreas, MD
Pantzaris Marios, MD
Petrou Petros, PhD 
Sismani Carolina, BSc, PhD
Spyrou George, PhD
Zamba Papanicolaou Eleni, MD

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