Molecular Virology Department


The department of Molecular Virology is the only laboratory in Cyprus that performs molecular tests for the detection of viral meningitis. Ever since 1996 the department receives samples from suspected viral meningitis cases for analysis. The results provide information about circulating viruses among the population, which is then used to impose measures for the prevention of imminent viral epidemics. Additionally, the follow-up studies carried out in the department play an important role, not only in the diagnosis but also in the control of viral epidemics in Cyprus.

List of Services

SEROLOGY Parvovirus - IgG Parvovirus  - IgM CMV - IgG CMV - IgM HSV-1: IgG HSV-1: IgM HSV-2: IgG HSV-2: IgM VZV IgG VZV IgM EBV - NA IgG EBV - ...

Submitting Samples

To download the Molecular Virology Department Referral Letter click here. Please check the instructions for primary sampling  listed ...


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