Biomedical Sciences


The CGTUP department participates actively in educational activities, including delivery of lectures as well as providing student supervision. More specifically, we deliver a course as part of the curriculum of the MSc programs in Molecular Medicine, Medical Genetics and Biomedical Research: 

MM102: Molecular Basis of Complex Diseases  
Course Coordinator:    Prof Panagiotidis
Department Co-instructors:    
1. Prof Panagiotidis
2. Prof Hadjisavvas
3. Dr Anestopoulos
4. Dr Kyriakou
5. Ms Potamiti
Other Co-instructors:    
6. Dr Michailidou (Biostatistics Unit, CING)
7. Dr Bashiardes (Molecular Virology Department, CING)
Invited Lecturers:    
8. Prof Franco (Department of Veterinary & Biomedical Sciences, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA)
9. Prof Pappa (Department of Molecular Biology & Genetics, Democritus University of Thrace, Greece)
Topics Covered: pathogenesis  of human disease, complex disease epidemiology, identification of disease risk alleles, nutrition and complex disease, nutria-genetics / nutria-epigenomics and complex disease, environmental exposure and complex disease, systems biology, the microbiome of human disease, molecular basis of cancer, breast cancer, gastrointestinal tract diseases, skin diseases, cardiovascular disease, prostate disease, lung diseases, cancer stem cells and implications for cancer therapy, pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine, molecular diagnosis of human disease, biomarker discovery, opportunities, challenges and public health issues as well as demonstration classes on analytical chemistry, electron microscopy, mutation analysis and molecular diagnostics

In addition, there are currently a number of PhD candidates who are supervised by academic staff within the department either directly (Principal Supervisors) or as part of the supervisory team (Co-Supervisors). More specifically:

1.    Venetia Tragkola
Principal Supervisor: Prof Panagiotidis (CGTUP Department)
Co-Supervisor(s): Dr Anestopoulos, Dr Kyriacou (CGTUP Department)
Thesis title: Phytochemicals as novel epigenetic modulators in skin cancer therapeutics
Funding source: Graduate scholarship administered by TELETHON-CYPRUS (2020-2023)

2.    Denise Omahony
Principal Supervisor: Dr Michailidou (Biostatistics Unit)
Co-Supervisor(s): Prof Panagiotidis (CGTUP Department) 
Thesis title: Analyses of rare and common variants in association to breast cancer predisposition
Funding source: Graduate scholarship administered by TELETHON-CYPRUS (2020-2023)

3.    Sergei Gorbunov
Principal Supervisor: Prof Panagiotidis (CGTUP Department)
Co-Supervisor(s): Dr Kyriakou, Dr Anestopoulos (CGTUP Department)
Thesis title: Exploring the therapeutic potential of current and experimental epigenetic drug compounds in human malignant melanoma
Funding source: Scholarship by Leventis Foundation (2023-2026)

4.    Artemis Papacosta
Principal Supervisor: Prof Spyrou (Bioinformatics Department)
Co-Supervisor(s): Prof Panagiotidis (CGTUP Department)
Thesis title: Computational investigation of cell-to-cell communication networks and signalling mechanisms inferred by single cell omics
Funding source: Graduate scholarship administered by TELETHON-CYPRUS (2023-2026)

Finally, the department supervises 3-4 MSc student projects, every academic year, as part of the MSc programs’ curriculum in Molecular Medicine, Medical Genetics and Biomedical Research in a number of areas based on staff expertise. 

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