Elena Panayiotou Worth

Assistant Professor

Current Position

Associate Scientist at the Neuropathology Department

Assistant Professor

The Cyprus Institute of Neyurology & Genetics


  • PhD (Developmental Neuroscience) Developmental and Functional Genetics Group, Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics Department of Molecular Biology, University of Cyprus
  • Master of Research, Department of Health Sciences, Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Group (BPSRG) based in Kingston and Brunel Universities, London
  • Bachelor of Science, Majors: Biochemistry (Honours), Kingston University, London, UK
  • Majors: Immunology & Microbiology (Double Honours Majors) Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Diploma Pre-medicine, Intercollege, Cyprus



Selected Publications

  1. Panayiotou E., Fella E., Andreou S., Papacharalambous R., Gerasimou P., Costeas P., Angeli S., Kousiappa I., Papacostas S., Kyriakides T. C5aR agonist enhances phagocytosis of fibrillar and non-fibrillar amyloid and preserves memory in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease. – under review
  2. Lambrianides S., Kinnis E., Panayiotou E., Papacharalambous R., Kyriakides T. A novel case of inclusion body myositis and myasthenia gravis. - under review
  3. Dardiotis, E., Panayiotou, E., Siokas, V., Aloizou, A. M., Christodoulou, K., Hadjisavvas, A., Pantzaris, M., Grigoriadis, N., Hadjigeorgiou, G. M. & Kyriakides, T. 2019. Gene variants of adhesion molecules predispose to MS: A case-control study. Neurol Genet, 5, e304.
  4. Andreou, S., Panayiotou, E., Michailidou, K., Pirpa, P., Hadjisavvas, A., El Salloukh, A. & Barnes, D. 2018. Epidemiology of ATTRV30M neuropathy in Cyprus and the modifier effect of complement C1q on the age of disease onset. Amyloid. 25, 220-226.
  5. Makrides N., Panayiotou E., Fanis P., Karaiskos C., Lapathitis G. & Malas, S. 2018. Sequential Role of SOXB2 Factors in GABAergic Neuron Specification of the Dorsal Midbrain. Front Mol Neurosci, 11, 152-152.
  6. Panayiotou E., Fella E., Papacharalambous R., Malas S., Saraiva M., Kyriakides T., 2017. C1q ablation exacerbates amyloid deposition: a study in a transgenic mouse model of ATTRV30M amyloid neuropathy. PLoSONE 12(4).
  7. Fella E., Socratous K., Papacharalambous R., Phillips J., Sanderson S., Kyriakides T., Panayiotou E., 2017. Pharmacological Stimulation of Phagocytosis Enhances Amyloid Plaque Clearance; Evidence from a Transgenic Mouse Model of ATTR Neuropathy. Front Mol Neurosci, 10(138).
  8. Francius C., Hidalgo-Figueroa M., Debrulle S., Pelosi B., Rucchin V., Ronellenfitch K., Panayiotou E., Makrides N., Misra K., Harris A., Hassani H., Schakman O., Parras C., Xiang M., Malas S., Chow RL., Clotman F., Vsx1 Transiently Defines an Early Intermediate V2 Interneuron Precursor Compartment in the Mouse Developing Spinal Cord. Frontiers in molecular neuroscience 9 (2016) 145.
  9. Panayiotou E., Papacharalambous R., Antoniou A., Christophides G. Papageorgiou L, Fella E., Malas S., Kyriakides T., Genetic background modifies amyloidosis in a mouse model of ATTR neuropathy, Biochemistry and Biophysics Reports 8 (2016) 48-54.
  10. E. Panayiotou, S. Malas, Adult spinal cord ependymal layer: a promising pool of quiescent stem cells to treat spinal cord injury, Front Physiol 4 (2013) 340.
  11. E. Panayiotou, E. Panayi, G. Lapathitis, C. Francius, F. Clotman, N. Kessaris, W.D. Richardson, S. Malas, Pax6 is expressed in subsets of V0 and V2 interneurons in the ventral spinal cord in mice, Gene Expr Patterns 13 (2013) 328-334.
  12. E. Dardiotis, E. Panayiotou, M.L. Feldman, A. Hadjisavvas, S. Malas, I. Vonta, G. Hadjigeorgiou, K. Kyriakou, T. Kyriakides, Intraperitoneal melatonin is not neuroprotective in the G93ASOD1 transgenic mouse model of familial ALS and may exacerbate neurodegeneration, Neurosci Lett 548 (2013) 170-175.
  13. Elkouris M, Balaskas N, Poulou M, Politis PK, Panayiotou E, Malas S, Thomaidou D, Remboutsika E. Sox1 maintains the undifferentiated state of cortical neural progenitor cells via the suppression of Prox1-mediated cell cycle exit and neurogenesis. Stem Cells. 2011 Jan;29(1):89-98.
  14. Panayi H, Panayiotou E, Orford M, Genethliou N, Mean R, Lapathitis G, Li S, Xiang M, Kessaris N, Richardson WD, Malas S. Sox1 is required for the specification of a novel p2-derived interneuron subtype in the mouse ventral spinal cord. J Neurosci. 2010 Sep 15;30(37):12274-80.
  15. Orford M, Mean R, Lapathitis G, Genethliou N, Panayiotou E, Panayi H, Malas S. Generation of an ABCG2(GFPn-puro) transgenic line--a tool to study ABCG2 expression in mice. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2009 Jun 26;384 (2):199-203.
  16. Genethliou N, Panayiotou E, Panayi H, Orford M, Mean R, Lapathitis G, Gill H, Raoof S, De Gasperi R, Elder G, Kessaris N, Richardson WD, Malas S. SOX1 links the function of neural patterning and Notch signalling in the ventral spinal cord during the neuron-glial fate switch. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2009 Dec 25;390(4):1114-20.
  17. Genethliou N, Panayiotou E, Panayi H, Orford M, Mean R, Lapathitis G, Malas S. Spatially distinct functions of PAX6 and NKX2.2 during gliogenesis in the ventral spinal cord. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2009 Apr 24;382(1):69-73.
  18. Panagiotou E, Jones LA, Opara EI. 2006. An assessment of the use of an in vitro cell based model of the intestinal tract to investigate the bioavailability of the Chinese herbal remedy Oldenlandia diffusa. Planta Med. 11 (72), 1052



  • EMBL Corporate Partnership Travel Grant, Heidelberg
  • Panos Ioannou Young Scientist Award, CING
  • Master’s Research Award 54th GA congress, Helsinki
  • Dalhousie University Sciences Academic Scholarship
  • Hellenic Society for Neuroscience (HSFN) Members of the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS)


winner aashe copernicus