MSc Postgraduate Programs

Education in a real work environment

The Cyprus Institute of Neurology & Genetics is a leading research centre in the region, equipped in providing an unrivalled educational experience to you as a student. You can expect to be taught and mentored by leading Biomedical Researchers, Geneticists and Neurologists in Cyprus, while also working alongside them in their respective laboratories.

  • Hands-on work experience: It is a priority of the CING to ensure that upon graduation, you will have hands-on work experience, a factor which is vital for a strong CV in today’s competitive job market
  • Knowledge and Skills: As a graduate of the CING, you will be fully prepared for employment through your daily interaction in a professional work environment, which offers research and services alongside education. Furthermore, each academic course has been developed based upon both learning objectives and employment objectives 
  • Ready for employment: The above factors ensure that the CING delivers fully equipped graduates to the job market, an objective which has been proven through the high employment rates of our alumni. 
Language of Instruction: English
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