MSc Postgraduate Programs

MSc Medical Genetics (accredited)

The Medical Genetics MSc programme is aimed at clinicians and scientists who wish to gain an in depth understanding of Medical Genetics and the several applications within the wider field of Biomedical Sciences.

The course MG101 is designed to help students understand the gene and its function, DNA structure, mechanisms of transcription and translation, gene expression, cell division, patterns of inheritance, pedigree analysis and genetic counselling. MG102 covers all the issues of human cytogenetics and genomics and targets the behaviour of small and large size genetic changes and their pathology aiming at the understanding of medical genomics with special emphasis on the investigation of the human genome in medical research and practice. MG103 teaches the great majority of methods that are applied in Medical Genetics with relevant application examples aiming to help the student understand, interpret and critically evaluate laboratory research and diagnostic results. MG104 focuses on the biochemical aspects of genetic diseases. All the above courses pay special attention to examples from the clinically relevant activities of the CING Departments which is the advantage of this programme as compared to those taught at purely academic institutions. Finally, the students have to take a research module which can be a library project, however the advantage of CSMM is that it enables students to take a laboratory project and work along with the many activities of the CING departments.

Students will be able to get an in depth understanding of all aspects of Medical Genetics. Clinicians will be able to use this knowledge for better management of their future patients with an inherited disease and targeting requests for diagnostic genetic testing. Scientists will be able to competently work in a research or diagnostic laboratory dealing with the multiple aspects of Medical Genetics. In addition, the programme will enable graduates to play a major role in future research programmes on Medical Genetics and Translational Medicine, both cutting-edge research topics.

For detailed program information please refer to the CSMM Prospectus.

Language of Instruction: English

Full-Time mode: 13 months (taught courses & research/library project).
Part-Time mode: 24 months (with minimum of one course per semester, among those offered in the referred semester)

To be admitted to the MSc Programs, a student must meet at least the minimum requirements listed below:
1. A Bachelor’s degree from a recognized accredited institution, in a related field
2. English Language Certification or other accepted International Standard, if graduated from a school where English is not the language of instruction.

Students must successfully complete 4 mandatory courses, 1 elective course and a Thesis Project while enrolled in the MSc and PhD Programs in Medical Genetics.

Mandatory Courses

*Elective Courses

MG101: Molecular Genetics

MG102: Cytogenetics and Genomics

MG103: Methodologies and Technologies Applied in Medical Genetics

MG104: Biochemical Basis of Genetic Diseases


MM101: Molecular Basis of Monogenetic Diseases

MM102: Molecular Basis of Complex Diseases

MM103/NEURO103: Neurosciences and Neurogenetics

MM104: Gene and Cell Therapy

NEURO101: Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience

NEURO102: Brain and Behaviour

MVI: Molecular Virology and Immunology

BMI101: Bioinformatics


*Elective courses are subject to availability and the school’s discretion to run a specific course during a particular semester

The CSMM Admission period begins in late January every year, for programs beginning in September of that year. All applications are made online. Apply here 

  1. A Completed Online Application Form 
  2. Two Academic References
  3. Academic Transcripts
  4. English Language Certificate (if not graduated from an English speaking University)
  5. High School Certificate
  6. Curriculum Vitae
  8. Recent passport photo


Education is an investment in your future and the CSMM is committed to offering an accessible education to all successful applicants. 

Publicly-Funded Grants
Cypriot Students of the CSMM are entitled to apply for a publicly-funded grant based on the Government’s assessment criteria.
CSMM Scholarships

A number of full and partial scholarships to cover tuition fees are awarded to MSc and PhD students based on academic criteria.
In addition to the above, various types of scholarships are available specifically for PhD students, for years 2, 3 and 4 which may cover costs of consumables and/or a monthly allowance.
The exact amount and number of scholarships that are offered is always subject to the yearly budget of the School.