The Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics provides highly specialised medical and clinical laboratory services in the fields of neurology, genetics, biomedical and other related sciences.  The services are offered to doctors, clinics and hospitals in the government and private sector and offer diagnosis for many common and rare diseases, some of which are unique to the Cypriot people and the region.  The Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics also offers forensic genetic services to the government and the private sector. As a result of the specialized services carried out at the Institute, substantial financial savings to the government have been achieved, by sparing patients and samples from having to be sent abroad.

The services provided by the Institute are accredited or follow quality controls, ensuring a high standard of provision.

The Institute has established collaborations with centers and universities in the neighbouring area and provides diagnostic services as a regional referral center. At a national level, the Institute is playing a leading role by introducing and applying, with great success, several national diagnostic and screening programs.

Please download the CING Services List (last updated June2017)

Please download the 2012 Mouse Facility Price List

The Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics maintains Professional Liability insurance, covering the provision of all its services.




The Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics is committed to offering professional services of the highest quality, in full compliance with its quality management system. The services provided are characterized by high quality standards in all aspects and at all levels (i.e. highly trained personnel, special treatment/patient care, clinical equipment, environment, etc.).

The procedures and policies followed by CING personnel, comply with the requirements for quality control and competences, where applicable, as these are specified in the International Standards CYS EN ISO 17025:2005 and CYS EN ISO 15189:2012 and at the CAP.

The Chief Executive Medical Director, the Technical Managers, the Quality Managers and the Internal Audit and Quality Assurance Committee ensure that this is achieved during the process of work performed on a daily basis within the laboratories of the Departments/Clinics/Laboratories and the CING premises as a whole.



LAP No.: 6848901 AU-ID: 1191310

Since 1998 the Department of Cytogenetics and Genomics has been awarded with the Accreditation Certificate of College of American Pathologists (CAP).


No. of Cert. L055

Since 29th November 2013 the Laboratory of Forensic Genetics has been awarded with the Accreditation Certificate of CYS-CYSAB ISO 17025:2005.




No. of Cert. L061

Since 20th June 2014, five Departments of CING have been awarded with the Accreditation Certificate of CYS-CYSAB ISO 15189:2007 and since 19/02/2016 with the CYC-CYSAB ISO 15189:2012. The accredited departments are:



Accreditation Certifications


For more information regarding accreditations please contact the 
Health & Safety and Quality Officer 
Ms Maria Theocharidou
Tel. +357 22 392 720





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