The Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics has obtained the largest and most technologically developed research infrastructure in Cyprus and the neighbouring area in the sectors of neurology, genetics, biomedical, medical and related sciences.

The establishment of the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation in 1998 and the accession of Cyprus to the European Union in 2004 provided new opportunities for obtaining competitive research funding. It also has strengthened the leading role of CING as a research centre in the area of health science. CING research activities are also supported through competitive research grants obtained from national and international organizations like the Cyprus and USA Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA), Cyprus TELETHON (fund raising event organized jointly by CING and the Cyprus MDA), Association Française Contre Les Myopathies AFM and other organizations.

CING research scientists are characterized by their enthusiasm and dedication to research carried out within CING. As a result the Institute has emerged as one of the most important regional research resources.
A great number of research grants have been secured from funding organizations in Cyprus and abroad. The results of the successful completion of research programs are depicted in the number of publications in scientific journals and books.

Today, at a national level, CING obtains the majority of competitive grants of the country in the health sector and provides the most competitive and pioneering biomedical research. CING has established more than 100 international research collaborations with universities and research institutes abroad. It also enjoys international recognition for the research programs it carries out.

CING activities, such as organization of international congresses, lecture presentations, research proposals, scientific publications, growth of research collaborations and awards, place Cyprus high on the international scientific map.



HR Excellence in Research

The HR Excellence in Research logo is awarded by the European Commission to research institutions and funding organisations abiding by the principles provided for in the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct of Recruitment of Researchers. The logo "HR Excellence in Research" will identify the institutions and organisations as providers and supporters of a stimulating and favourable working environment.
 The Human Resources Strategy for Researchers is a mechanism to support research institutions in practically applying the principles of the Charter & Code.  It has the following characteristics:

• It is applied by individual research institutions and funding organisations on a voluntary basis;
• It is based on an in-house self-assessment taking into account the autonomy of the institutions;
• It is as simple and light in terms of administration, acknowledging the multiplicity of situations across institutions and national research systems;
• It is not a prerequisite for participating in the EU Research Framework Programme;
• It is a transparent approach that provides easily accessible public information on the actions of participating institutions and organisations to implement the Charter & Code principles.

In order to develop the HR Strategy for Researchers the following five steps are followed:

1. An internal analysis involving all key institutional players, to compare institutional practices against the Charter & Code principles;
 2. The development and publication of an action plan for improvement through a HR Strategy for Researchers incorporating the Charter & Code.
 3. The acknowledgement of the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers by the European Commission and the “HR Excellence in Research” logo award.
 4. The implementation of the “Human Resource Strategy for Researchers” by the institution, which performs a self-assessment every two years.
 5. An external evaluation which takes place every four years.

Internal Analysis - October 2012
Action Plan - October 2012
Revised Action Plan - July 2015



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