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The CING Lectures are the CING showcase series of fortnightly scientific seminars by national and international scientists and a platform for the presentation of cutting-edge science and technology in the biomedical sector. The CING Lectures show what can be achieved in Cyprus, update on what is going on elsewhere and are attended by students and scientists from the CING and invited from other institutions in Cyprus.

Speakers present their own current research or choose recent topical reviews and seminal articles, with emphasis on interdisciplinarity and the communication of principles, useful methods and cutting-edge science. The CING Lectures aim to cover the whole breadth of CING and related research and are fuelled by our enthusiasm for science.

The CING Lectures usually take place every other Thursday at 12:00 h am, are announced on the CING site calendar and are organised by Carsten W. Lederer (Department of Molecular Genetics of Thalassaemia).

We propose for speakers to present their latest publications and data or choose recent topical reviews and seminal articles with a bearing on their research. Talks should provide sufficient scientific context for an interdisciplinary audience and focus on the communication of principles. Presentations should be in English and 30–45 min plus 15 min for discussion. Feel free to get in touch if you have science you want to share with us!




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