Dean's Message

Message from the Dean of the CSMM, Prof. Kyriacos Kyriacou

Message from the Dean of the Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine
Prof. Kyriacos Kyriacou


Dear Prospective Students,

It is with great pride that I welcome you to the Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine (CSMM), the brain child of the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics (CING). The CSMM was established in 2012 and offers postgraduate education to a selected number of MSc and PhD students. CSMM graduates quality and competitive scientists many of whom are employed soon after graduation, or continue their studies in both local and International reputable organisations. 

A unique characteristic of all CING departments is that their activities are based on the following three pillars: the delivery of specialized diagnostic services, the execution of competitive research and the organization of educational programs. The CSMM provides the educational platform through which the substantial experience gained by the CING personnel in both the diagnostic and research fields, is transmitted to the students. The CSMM programs offer a unique teaching and learning environment that triggers the passion of the students and stimulates both their interest and imagination. Thus the CSMM provides the springboard, for training the next generation of scientists in an environment that fosters excellence and ensures a high calibre of education. Indicative of the high professional standards that operate at both the CING and CSMM, is the recent involvement of CING, being thrown in the front line, to deal with the corona virus epidemic. CING was the first Cypriot organization to be recognized and appointed as the National Reference centre, to deal with the analysis and testing of the highly contagious corona virus samples.  CING scientists rose to this challenge and did not hesitate to also involve CSMM graduate students in the laboratory tasks. They worked continuously,day and night, to deal with the increasing volumes of samples and help our Government deal effectively, with this unprecedented situation. This reflects the high quality of work that goes on and the above experience, makes us all proud to be associated,with both the CING and CSMM.  Undoubtedly the experience gained while at the CSMM, prepares our graduates for employment in a competitive and challenging environment.

Please take time to go through our prospectus and you will soon appreciate that our innovative MSc and PhD programs, cover a wide spectrum of interesting disciplines and are based on a combination of taught courses and research, carried out in our highly advanced laboratories. The CSMM programs are specialized, but within each program there is multi-disciplinarity and complementarity, in an effort to expose you to the latest advances in the field, but at the same time inform you about the challenges that lie ahead. Our academic staff is experienced and passionate about their work, so we promise you a high calibre education that will reflect on your life and shape your future career.  A unique feature of our programs is that students are exposed to the everyday applications of new knowledge and thus obtain first-hand experience on real life diagnostic and research applications. The CSMM programs namely Medical Genetics, Molecular Medicine, Neuroscience which are offered at both MSc and PhD levels and Biomedical Research which is offered at MSc level only, represent cutting edge programs, much sought by students worldwide. CSMM students are exposed to quality education and execute their projects alongside experienced scientists and doctors, working at the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics. Our programs are intense and comprehensive in areas where rapid advances are being made. They aim to stimulate the students and present the extraordinary potential that genetics and molecular biology hold, for significant advances in the medical field. Students benefit from the vast experience gained by the CING staff/CSMM Faculty, who have been working for nearly 30 years in these challenging fields. A number of scholarships are also available to both MSc and PhD students and these are allocated based on academic merit. In addition CSMM students benefit from the ERASMUS + mobility actions and we are proud that many of our graduates are employed, soon after graduation. For further information about our programs do not hesitate to contact our very able staff in the academic office.

I invite you to join the CSMM community and experience first-hand the professional, stimulating and challenging environment in which we operate. It is an environment based on academic excellence which ensures that all our efforts are invested in offering quality education, specialised services and competitive research, which in turn improve the quality of life of Cypriot citizens.

My sincere wishes for a fruitful continuation of your studies and career!


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