Molecular Virology Department


The department offers the course Molecular Virology and Immunology at the CING Postgraduate School covering the main topics in the fields of Virology and Immunology. In addition, MSc and PhD students are supervised conducting their research project at our department.

Currently, there are three PhD students and two MSc students at out department:

Stella Thephanou (MSc cand.): HSV1-oligodendrocytes interaction – possible role on demyelination in multiple sclerosis
Stavrilia Georgiou (MSc cand.): Differential targeting of CNS cell subtypes by pseudotyping of Lentiviral vectors
Markella Papadopoulou (PhD cand.): Aetiology of community-aquired pneumonia in Cyprus and the role of viral/bacterial co-infections
Despina Varvatsi (PhD cand.): Dissecting the role of EBV variants in Multiple Sclerosis
Elie Deeba (PhD cand.): Investigating the Role of Natural Killer (NK) Cells in Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Students, who have successfully completed their thesis at our department:

Maria Petrou: Mapping of possible mutations on the L1 of HPV after 10 years of vaccine use
Elie Deeba: Characterization of natural killer cells in  multiple sclerosis patients
Kalia Kyriacou (MSc): Study of autoantibodies in multiple sclerosis using an animal model
Elpiniki Nikolaou (MSc): Molecular Typing and epidemiology of human rhinoviruses
Panayiotis Myrianthopoulos: Toll-like receptor possible mutations in multiple sclerosis patients