Department of Cardiovascular Genetics and the Laboratory of Forensic Genetics


The research activities of the LabFoG are centred around critical and controversial issues in the field of forensic genetics such as the modes of DNA transfer as well as the effect of various phenomena on the persistence of DNA on various objects. A recent LabFoG article featuring one of the largest studies in the area describes the propensity of primary and secondary transfer of touch DNA. Furthermore, studies are in progress for the development of accurate, sensitive and rapid biofluid identification methods.

The LabFoG has also applied its expertise in the field of human identification to phylogenetic studies of the Cypriot population in collaboration with other centres of excellence. 

The Department of Cardiovascular Genetics collaborates with various national and international medical institutions to perform research in the field of cardiovascular diseases. Published work includes the identification of gene mutations leading to familial hypercholesterolaemia in the Cypriot and Hellenic populations, epidemiological studies of the Cypriot population to identify risk factors and their interactions in premature myocardial infarction as well as the incidence of thrombophilia mutations in the Cypriot population. Association studies of various genetic variants and endurance in South African athletes has also been performed in collaboration with Cape Town University. Genetic, epigenetic and proteomic studies of ascending thoracic aortic aneurysms are also in progress in order to identify mutations for diagnostic purposes and biomarkers of further clinical relevance.

Selected Publications

SELECTED REPRESENTATIVE PEER REVIEWED PUBLICATIONS Cariolou MA, Kokkofitou A, Manoli P, Christou S, Karagrigoriou A, L. Middleton (1995).  ...