Board of Directors Distinguished Professor

Prof. Philippos C. Patsalis is a Board of Directors Distinguished Professor. Prof. Patsalis was the Founder and Head of the Department of Cytogenetics and Genomics and the Translational Genetics Team at The Cyprus Institute of Neurology & Genetics. He was also the first Professor and Provost of the Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine. During the years 2007-2015, Prof. Patsalis served as the Chief Executive Medical Director of The Cyprus Institute of Neurology & Genetics. Currently, Prof. Patsalis is a Professor at the Cyprus School of Molecular Genetics with research interest in the area of Genomics and Translational Genetics.

Research Interests 

  • Development of Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) for genetic disorders 
  • NIPT in IVF pregnancies 
  • Methylation based analysis of the fetus and the mother 
  • Biomarker discovery for Non-Invasive Testing of genetic conditions 
  • Genomic and transcriptomic analysis of cell-free DNA 
  • Development of novel Non-Invasive Diagnosis methodologies in cancer
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