About the Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine

Following approval from the Ministry of Education and Culture, the CING has established a postgraduate school, named the Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine (CSMM) open to students with research interests applicable to the Institute’s activities. The School is organized as a distinct entity within CING and welcomed its first intake of students for the academic year 2012-13 in September.  CSMM programs are headed by the Provost of the School who is also the Chief Executive Medical Director and the Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics.  The CSMM offers seven programs of study leading to MSc and PhD degrees, respectively.

The programs offered lead to the following titles:

1. Master in Science (MSc) in Molecular Medicine
2. Master in Science (MSc) in Medical Genetics
3. Master in Science (MSc) in Neuroscience
4. Master in Science (MSc) in Biomedical Research
5. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Molecular Medicine
6. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Medical Genetics
7. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Neuroscience

As a Center of Excellence in basic and applied research in biomedical and clinical sciences aiming to combine services, research and education so as to ultimately improve the quality of life of people, the CING has paved the way for a new generation of scientists. The Cyprus School of Molecular Medicine, housed within the CING premises provides students with a unique educational experience combining taught courses and research conducted in specialized state-of the-art laboratories, in the areas of neurology, genetics and biomedical sciences.

CSMM students are taught and mentored by some of the most highly qualified scientists in their fields, headed by Professor Leonidas A. Phylactou, Provost of the CSMM and CEMD of the CING, and Professor Kyriacos Kyriacou, Dean of the CSMM.

The CSMM aims to attract outstanding students with intellectual curiosity, who want to expand their education and the state-of-knowledge on regional problems of global significance on the topics covered by the Departments and Clinics at CING. CSMM students must also:
•Possess excellent analytical skills and be able to understand problems and propose solutions
•Be capable of working diligently and productively on difficult projects
•Have the ability to set their own goals and manage their own schedule successfully
•Be motivated, self-critical and be able to evaluate their own performance fairly
•Have good communication skills and be able to effectively communicate their ideas both verbally and in writing.

For information on the Accreditation of the CSMM Programs click here.



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