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Clinical Sciences

Clinical Sciences provide tertiary medical care to patients with neurological disorders and other neurogenetic and genetic illnesses (eg muscular dystrophy, myasthenia gravis, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, neurovascular diseases and Alzheimer’s disease) that require specialized diagnosis and treatment.

Biomedical Sciences

From the very beginning the various departments and laboratories of the CING offered naval approaches in the diagnosis and management of neurological and other inherited conditions. A dynamic group of Cypriot Scientists who used to manage research units in Universities and other academic centres abroad, in collaboration with colleages in Cyprus, started slowly but steadily to create the ...

Board of Directors Distinguished Professors


Finance & Administration

The Finance and Administration Department is responsible for the financial and administrative matters of the Institute. Its mission is to support the service, research and education activities of the Institute through the provision of high quality administrative services to all the spectrum and levels of the Institute hierarchy, its patients and the public. The Finance and Administration ...

Health & Safety and Quality Office

The Health & Safety and Quality Office responsibilities are divided in two fields: Health and Safety at Work and the compliance of the Institute with International Accreditation Standards   Concerning Health and Safety at work, the tasks of the Office include: development, implementation and support of programs and procedures related to ...

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