Health & Safety and Quality Office

The Health & Safety and Quality Office responsibilities are divided in two fields:

  • Health and Safety at Work and
  • the compliance of the Institute with International Accreditation Standards


    Concerning Health and Safety at work, the tasks of the Office include: development, implementation and support of programs and procedures related to occupational Health and Safety; in accordance with EU and National legislation and in concordance with the The Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics Health and Safety Committee. The Office maintains and establishes, where needed, good health, safety and environmental practices throughout all CING activities. 

    Annually, a review of the CING Health and Safety and Quality policy statement takes place, unless it is needed earlier.

    The Health, Safety and Quality office collaborates with, both supervisory and other personnel of CING in order to identify and correct unsafe practices or conditions through the conduct of internal/external audits. Consultation with Department Heads and Group Managers is also taking place for giving appropriate advices on formulating best practices and procedures. When an accident or injury incident occurs, the Office investigates and evaluates them.

Among other, Health, Safety and Quality Office recommends modification in CING facilities and practices for the development of safer working conditions and improved working environment. It also implements, conducts and evaluates Health and Safety related training programs for CING staff, and report to the Health and Safety Committee.

In case of new employees, the Office ensures their familiarisation with the CING safety plan and keeps familiarisation procedures and protocols in employee files.

Concerning the Accreditation of the Institute, the Office is responsible for the development, implementation and support of programs and procedures in compliance with the Institute’s ISO Certification and Accreditation program.

In addition, through the Office, compliance and effectiveness of the CING quality management system with the requirements of ISO standards are overseen and ensured its continuous improvement, in collaboration with the Internal Audit and Quality Assurance Committee. This cooperation establishes and keeps update the CING Quality Manual and other general required documents of the CING Quality Management System.

Annually, Management Review of the departments is carried out, in collaboration with the Internal Audit and Quality Assurance Committee and identification and documentation of product/service quality and environmental problems take place, followed by suggestions and implementation of remediation.

The procedures and policies followed by CING personnel, comply with the requirements for quality control and competences, where applicable, as these are specified in the International Standards CYS EN ISO 17025:2005, CYS EN ISO 15189:2007, CYS EN ISO 15189:201and at the College of American Pathologists (CAP) procedures.

Concerning the ISO Standards, Quality Manuals were written, providing the general policies of CING and referring to the methods and the procedures followed with respect to the high-standard specialized services provided by CING Departments/Clinics/Laboratories, in Cyprus and overseas. The Institute’s ultimate aim is to upgrade the quality of life.

The Office liaises as necessary with other organizations and authorities and provides assistance and cooperation concerning audits and remedial actions. It advices management concerning standards set forth in laws and regulations relating to Health and Safety and Accreditation, and performs safety, sanitation and quality inspections.

It is in Health & Safety and Quality Office jurisdiction to maintain Emergency Services Manual and conduct emergency drills (fire, earthquake, spills, etc.) in order to comply with CING accreditation requirements.

Furthermore, the Office develops procedures in order to ensure that contractors, suppliers and other external collaborators comply with relevant legislation and CING Health and Safety and Quality policies.

Maria Theocharidou
Health & Safety and Quality Officer
Tel.: (357) 22 392 720
Fax: (357) 22 358 238


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