Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of 20 members. Ten members, including the President, are representatives of the Cyprus Government (eight are appointed by the Council of Ministers, one by the Ministry of Finance and one by the Ministry of Health). Nine members are representatives of patient associations, the CING Scientific Council, the United States Government, the British Bases in Cyprus and the Turkish-Cypriot community. One member is the CING Chief Executive Medical Director.

The Board of Directors exercises the following powers and executes the following duties: a) administers and controls the affairs of the Institute and all its property, and in general deals with all related matters, b) acts in regard to the above matters and property in a way that best promotes the interests and aims of the Institute, c) exercises all other activities and undertakes acts and actions which are conducive or essential, for the achievement of the aims of the Institute.

Mr Ioannis Matsis, President
Mr Stelios Stylianou, Vice-President 
Mr Constantinos Rouvas, Treasurer
Prof. Leonidas Phylactou, Secretary
Mr Alexis Charalambides
Prof Constatinos Pattichis
Mr George Kallenos
Mr George Mountis
Mr Mehmet Necdet
Mrs Melina Catsounotou
Mrs Marilena Ierodiakonou
Dr Michael Hadjigavriel
Mr Miltos Miltiadous
Dr Okan Dağlı
Dr Olga Kalakouta
Mr Pambos Papadopoulos
Mr Peter Papanicolaou
Mr Stelios Violaris



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