ISO 15189 Accrediation Awarded - MGT and MGFT Departments

The Departments of: Molecular Genetics Function and Therapy; and Molecular Genetics Thalassaemia, have successfully fulfilled the general requirements for the competence of testing laboratories specified by the CYS EN ISO 15189:2007 STANDARD and were awarded with its accreditation on the 20th of June of this year by the Cyprus National Accreditation Body.

The services provided are characterized by high quality standards in all aspects and at all levels (i.e. highly trained personnel, special treatment/patient care, clinical equipment, environment, etc.).

The Acting Chief Executive Medical Director, the Technical Managers, the Quality Managers and the Internal Audit and Quality Assurance Committee ensure that this is achieved during the process of work performed on a daily basis within the laboratories of the Departments/Clinics/Laboratories and the CING premises as a whole.


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